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Play Cornhole at Night!

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So, What is Cornhole?

Cornhole is a combination of the skills required in bowling, horseshoes, and softball.  The two cornhole bean bag toss game boards are placed on the ground facing each other.

  • The distance varies according to age and skill level.

  • Players stand alongside the board and toss a small bag at the hole in the opposite facing board.

  • A bag in the hole is a "cornhole" or 3 points.

  • A bag that lands on the board but does not go in the hole is 1 point.

  • A bag toss of equal value thrown against an opponent cancels out the opponent's points.


1. For 2 or 4 players. (2 Teams)
2. Place the boards approximately 20 feet apart.
3. Team partners face each other from OPPOSITE BOARDS.
4. Play starts at either board.
5. Each team plays with a set of 4 bags.
6. Opponents alternate toss until all 8 bags are played.
7. The round is then scored. (See Scoring)
8. Repeat play from the other board.
9. The scoring team has the honor of tossing first in the next round.

Cornhole Scoring

  • A game = 21 points.

  • 3 points for each bag in the hole is a cornhole!

  • 1 point for each bag on the board.

  • Score is the difference in the team totals. For example: After 1 round or 8 bags played; #1 Team with 1 bag in the hole = 3 points.  #2 Team with 2 bags on board = 2 points. Score 1st round for #1 team = 1 point.

  • Bags pushed in by an opponent's toss count.

Selection of Players and Positions

A coin flip usually determines the side of the board where a player chooses to stand.  After a completed game, the losing player has the choice of sides. The losing player or team has the option to switch sides or positions to minimize the effect of wind and sun.  The winning team shoots first or has "honors".

Playing Stance

Some players choose to stand along side the board with feet firmly planted behind the foot foul line (the front of the board the player elects to throw from), or elect to stride as they toss the bag.  Others may wish to stand directly behind the board and toss, sacrificing distance for an angle reduction.  Whatever the players stance, the opponent should always show proper respect for the players concentration by stepping back from the board until the player has completed his or her turn.  A players toes must not project past the front edge of the board (foot foul line) when tossing the bag or a foot foul will occur.

Folding the Bag

Folding the bag is a key element in order to obtain consistency.  There are no secrets to bag folding, just personal preferences.  The "Chicago Fold" has been a favorite of the top tournament cornhole players.  Hold the corner of the bag, let particulate drop to the bottom, fold in half and then fold in half again.  The "Paducah Pancake" is one other most consistent folds among the underhand throwers.  The bag is smoothed out and delivered flat or saucer like towards the hole.  The "Half Paducah Pancake" is the same, only folded in half.  "Sacramento Sling" is accomplished by holding the bag by the corner or edge between two fingers and then tossing underhand.  An "Omaha Overhead" delivery is usually the choice of basketball shooters with the bag wadded up in a ball.  The "Frisco Fling" has become very popular and is designed to give the shooter instant follow through techniques.  Using your fingertips, gently hold the bag in the middle of one side of the bag.  The particulate will stay consistently on the bottom of the bag.  Then toss the bag underhand with the top of your hand upright.

Fun Cornhole Terms

Ace - A one point play, a bag on the board
Cornhole - A 3 point play, a bag in the hole.
Blocker- An ace or a bag on the board positioned in front of the hole to prevent sliders.
Back Door - A cornhole tossed over a Blocker Bag.
Hanger - An Ace on the lip of the hole ready to drop.
Honors - The team that scored last tosses first or has the "Honors".
Foot Foul - Stepping past the front edge of the board while tossing.
Grounder - A bag on or touching the ground.
Mary Ellen - A toss that falls short of the board.
No Blood - A no score round
Shooter - The person currently tossing.
Slam - 4 cornhole's by one player in one round (truly a great player).
Slider - A cornhole that slides into the hole.
Swish - A cornhole that goes straight into the hole.
Skunk - An 11-0 game.

Visit Cornhole Players or the Cornhole Wiki for more information on anything related to the game of cornhole.

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